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Chemical Black

We offer a hot process cyanide chemical blacking service ideal for steel and iron tools.

Overview: This process offers a decorative finish which is a reproducible jet black on most materials and a blue/black finish on highly polished surfaces. This is a relatively cheap finishing process and is quick to process (the blacking process itself takes 10 minutes).

Tanks: We offer tank sizes up to 4' x 1' x 1'.

Pretreatment: Components that are rusted, even mildly will require an acid pickle to remove rust, scale and or surface discolouration. All items are cleaned in an alkaline cleaner.

Salt Creep: Assembled components and components with deep pockets, blind holes or seams as well as sintered parts are at risk of a white bloom forming around critical sections and require an additional treatment with a neutralising solution.

Oil Dipping: Components are finished with an oil dip in either:


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