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Chemical Black

Hot chemical black is a process that provides a durable, aesthetic black finish. It can only be used on steel parts.

We also offer Ebonal® 'C', which is an alternative process for brass and stainless steel parts.

Hot Chemical Black

Our hot chemical black process allows us to blacken many steel parts and produce a decorative finish; jet black on most materials and a blue-black finish on shiny, polished items. If parts are rusty before plating, they will be cleaned in an acid pickle to remove this. Once in the chemical blackening tank, the part will react with the oxidising salts in the solution and this helps create the black finish. After plating, parts are submerged in a dewatering oil. Parts are sometimes left unoiled but this is very rare.

Please note we can only offer this process on small parts, with a weight up to 30kg.

Advantages of Chemical Blackening:

  • Cost Effective
  • Aesthetic finish
  • Minor corrosion resistance

Tank Size:

4ft x 1ft x 1ft

Ebonal® 'C'

Ebonal® 'C' is a black oxide treatemnt for the blackening of brass, copper and stainless steel parts. The coating is jet black and we can provide either a shiny finish or a satin finish. Unoiled, Ebonal® 'C' provides a great base for painting. However, the majority of parts are oiled after processing as this preserves the jet black plating finish and also aids the corrosion protection of the parts. After being plated, parts are chemically stable, adherent and heat stable- capable of withstanding heat up to around 180° C. Above this temperature, the base material may oxidise and, in turn, lead to degradation of the plating finish.

Advantages of Ebonal® 'C':

  • Heat Stable
  • Aesthetic finish
  • Good paint base

Tank Size:

1ft x 1ft x 1ft

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