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Quality is key to our service. As a British Standards registered ISO 9001 company you can be assured of the highest levels of quality control possible. Not only do we employ the best operators but the operate a program of Total Quality Management & Continuous Development. Our processes are under constant monitoring as well as being externally inspected once a month. All processes are available with certificates of conformity and final inspection of surface coatings are routinely undertaken. The sections below detail our approach to quality control.

QualityISO 9001: We hold a British standards Institute issued ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate which covers us for:

Electrochemical and electroless chemical plating processes for precious and non-precious metals and anti-corrosion finishes.

This certificate can be verified at the BSI web site here.

The ISO system helps improve customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continual improvement. Most importantly of all it provides us with a management framework through which we can address and understand more objectively our business processes which means that we are able to address short comings and improve the way we work at all levels.

The Quality System adopted by Jackson Plating comprises of the following three parts:

Part 1 – Quality Manual (Volume 1) – Company's Quality Policies and Objectives.

Part 2 – Procedures Manual (Volume 2) – Operating Procedures for each element of the Quality System (A complete list of Procedures is included).

Part 3 – Work Instructions in the form of Process Sheet and Standard Practice Sheets.

Quality Objectives Programme 2017 - Reviewed 3 Monthly: Our 2017 Quality Objectives Programme is detailed in the chart below:

No Objective / Action Pan Target Indicator Timescale Responsibility Revision /Current Status
1 To achieve annual reduction in Non-conformances (Finished Goods returned from Customer) - 13 NC's in 2016

Action Plan

Contract Review, Operational Control, Finished Goods Inspection, Customer Complaint Analysis, Non Compliance Reports Analysis, Customer Feedback Analysis
25% reduction 50% reduction # 12/17 12/18 MS  
2 To increase the percentage of Customer orders processed on time to agreed deadlines

Action Plan

Method of implementation:

Contract Review, Computer Job Tracking System

Control and Measurement:

Review and analyse data results at management review
Monthly 94% or greater # Ongoing MS  
3 To decrease the percentage of credit notes raised from Invoices generated - 1 IN 148 / 0.67% IN 2016

Action Plan

Method of implementation:

Computer Job Tracking System, Invoicing Process, Contract Review

Control and measurement:

Review and analyse data results at top management review
25% reduction 50% reduction # 0.5% 12/17 12/18 MJ  
4 To retain a fully competent and multi-tasked work force (excluding retirement)

Action Plan

Complete Individual Annual Appraisals with interim reviews

Develop Individual CPD Training Plans

Departmental and Quality management review of training needs,

Complete Return from Absence Interviews

Complete Leaver Exit Interviews

Monitor Sickness Patterns

Analyse non-conformance reports

Add to Management Review Agenda
Zero Leavers # 2017 - 2018 MJ / AH  

Process Control: Key to our service is the integrity of our solutions. Each solution is carefully monitored and fully inspected by an external body each month. Our skilled operators are trained to identify process anomalies and carry out remedial action as required.

Inspection: We operate a dedicated final inspection facility where components are visibly examined and where required measured using a range of instruments including micrometers and thickness testers.

Certificates Of Conformity: Certificates of conformity can be provided where required to customer specification. Certificates generally detail:

Waste Reduction: As part of our ISO accreditation we undertake a program of continual waste reduction which involves accounting for waste production, ie, bad coatings, assessing the cause and carrying out appropriate action to reduce the likely-hood of future waste. Through this process we are able it identify areas of repeated waste as well as being better suited to predict the chance of future loss and take proactive moves accordingly.

Environmental Protection: Because of the nature of our business we take the environment very seriously. Our facilities are equipped with full waste water treatment facilities for controlling the discharge of harmful metal solutions to drain and the collection of harmful sludge's. Combined with our preferential use of environmentally friendly process solutions we operate with the certainty that our environmental impact is minimised.

The Customer: One of the most important elements of our business is you, the customer. We also welcome feedback on our methods and approach in order that we may improve our future services.

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