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Bright Nickel Plating

We use a proprietary bright Nickel solution designed to deliver extremely white deposits which is ideal for use under a trivalent chrome. Bright nickel can be deposited on steel and aluminium and is often used to produce a stainless steel like appearance.

Overview: Our bright nickel plating process is ideal for decorative and cosmetic applications and offers good corrosion resistance with high levelling and ultra-white nickel deposits. Bright nickel is often applied to aluminium to give it the look of stainless steel.

Standard Thickness
BS 1224 CU/NI 20D 1970 10-12µm

Tanks: We offer tank sizes up to 5' x 3' x 2'.

Barrel: Barrels 1' wide and 10"Ø are also available.

Deposit: Our standard process deposits 30µm.

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