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We offer rack and barrel zinc plating. Our two largest tanks are 12' x 2' x 6' and 8' x 3' x 3'. Both cyanide and non-cyanide electrolyte solutions are available.

Overview: Zinc plating offers excellent corrosion resistance and sacrificial protection. Typically thicknesses of 12µm can be achieved resulting in salt spray tests of over 500 hours.

Standard Thickness
Def Stan 03-20 10-12µm
BS EN 12329: 2000 FE/ZN 12/A & 12/C 12µm
BS1706 FE ZN 8c 2c 8µm
BS1706 FE ZN 5c 2c 5µm
BS3382 Parts 1 & 2 1961 10µm

Key Features:

Alkaline Zinc (bright acid zinc): We use Envirozin 100/120 (barrel/rack), an alkaline zinc solution specially formulated to address the problems of adhesion failure associated with many other zinc solutions. Alkaline zinc is also ideal for bore plating because it provides a level surface deposit over the whole component. It also allows for much thicker deposits than cyanide zinc and is ideal for iron castings.

Cyanide Zinc: We use MirroMac 12 for both rack and barrel solutions. Cyanide zinc is quicker to apply and easier to clean than alkaline zinc.

De-embrittlement: In-house de-embrittlement can be undertaken. Our standard service is 1-2 hours at 218°C although we can offer upto 18 hours where required. De-embrittlement is essential for removing hydrogen that has been deposited during the zinc plating process which in turn causes the material to be brittle. Oven size is 3' x 3' x 3' .

Passivates: A range of passivates are available. Please see our zinc plating & passivates page.

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