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Bright/ Dull Chrome Plating

Bright/ decorative chrome plating provides a mirror like reflective finish on parts over a coating of copper or bright nickel. This process is incredibly popular across the board and typical applications include bathroom items, kitchen items, lights and many more.

Please note that many parts need to be polished prior to plating; as the process does not cover scratches or imperfections.

Dull Chrome plating is much the same- with an undercoat of dull nickel plating being the only difference. Dull chrome provides a more matt, less reflective finish than bright chrome.

Advantages of Bright/ Dull Chrome Plating:

  • Easy to clean
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Shiny(bright)/ dull (dull), aesthetic finish

Tank Sizes:

Main Tank:2.5ft x 2ft x 3ft

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