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Sulphuric Anodising

A popular protective treatment for aluminium parts. Sulphuric Anodise can either be sealed in hot water for a shiny, silver/ clear finish, a dichromate seal for a yellowy-green finish or immersed in one of our multiple colour dyes and sealed for an attractive, coloured finish.

Advantages of Sulphuric Anodising:

    Great corrosion resistance
  • ROHS Compliant
  • Great Electrical Resistance
  • Ideal for castings containing 5-7% copper
  • Attractive finish

Tank Sizes: 13ft x 5ft x 4ft

Seals and Dyes

After anodising, most of the time parts are either sealed or dyed and then sealed. We offer a few different types of sealing.

Unsealed Parts:

Anodised parts are sometimes left unsealed. This is usually only in situations where the part will be painted later on or when parts are hard anodised.

Hot Water Seal:

We offer this for all three anodising types although hard anodised parts are often left unsealed. Sulphuric anodised parts are always sealed this way unless specified beforehand. Hot water seal also used to seal colour dye.

Dichromate Seal:

We offer both sulphuric and potassium dichromate seals. This seal provides the greatest corrosion resistance and is sought after in the aerospace and defence industries. Please note that it is not ROHS compliant and gives the parts a yellowy-green finish that is unsuitable for cosmetic parts. This seal is not regularly used with colour dyes.

Colour Dye:

Although we can apply colour dyes to all three types of anodising, using a colour dye on sulphuric anodising gives a much nicer cosmetic finish than colour dye on hard or chromic anodised parts. Sulphuric anodised and colour dyed parts tend to be much shinier than the more matt finish the hard and chromic alternatives provide.

We can offer black dye, red dye, blue dye, gold dye and green dye. We can also provide additional colours on request. Note that their can be size limitations when it comes to dying parts but large sizes can sometimes be accommodated for.

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