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Sulphuric Anodising

We offer Sulphuric Anodising using Chromium Trioxide in accordance with Def Stan 03-25. For colour dying a 15% sulphuric acid solution is used.

Overview: Ideal for decorative applications including architectural metalwork, consumer goods, bike parts as well as general applications that require a clear natural finish. It is suitable for general protective purposes and for the production of a suitable surface for subsequent painting or adhesive bonding.

Standard Thickness
Def Stan 151/1 Standard 5-7µm
Def Stan 03-25 Standard 5-7µm
BS1615 Grade AA3 3µm
BS1615 Grade AA5 5µm
BS1615 Grade 10 10µm
BS1615 Grade 15 15µm
BS1615Grade 20 20µm

Key Strengths: There are a number of key features that make Sulphuric Anodising key for particular applications:

Limitations: There are a number of limitations associated with Sulphuric Anodising:

Applications: General applications.

Tanks: We offer tank sizes up to 13' x 5' x 4'.

Thickness: Standard coating thickness is 5-7µm.

Finish: A range of colour dyes are available.

Jigging: Correct jigging is essential to the resulting finish, and good jig points are required, a consideration that should be made at the design stage of a component. The use of loose, sliding or intermittent contacts will result in an unsatisfactory connection and give rise to faults such as thin coatings, burning at the contact points or even failure to obtain an anodised coating.

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