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Ebonol® 'C'

Ebonol® 'C' which is a black oxide treatment that can be applied for blackening and colouring brass, copper and copper alloys. Ebonol® 'C' produces a cupric oxide coating on copper and copper alloys containing 65% or more of copper.

The coating produced by the Ebonol® 'C' process is jet black, chemically stable, heat stable and very adherent. The finish itself will withstand temperatures up to about 400 °F (187 °C). At higher temperatures, the coating will slowly degrade due to oxidation of the base copper. Oiling, lacquering or waxing will serve to enhance corrosion protection. The process provides a superior base for painting, lacquering or enamelling.

Tanks: We offer tank sizes up to 2' x 2' x 2'.

Overview: Ebonol® 'C' is typically used to treat copper surfaces after copper plating in order to achieve a highly absorptive black surface. This Ebonol generally gives the treated piece a velvet appearance, and on a microscopic scale, dendrites appear on the surface of the finish. These dendrites tend to trap light for a higher absorptivity. This type of treatment is used in optical and aerospace applications for light rejection and other optical properties. Ebonol-C is also used to treat bronze in jewellery to give it a black appearance.

Blacking: Almost all alloys containing from 65 to 100% copper can be blackened with the Ebonol® 'C'. Certain elements such as tin, beryllium, and silicon may interfere with good blackening. When the copper concentration in the alloy is 90% or greater, direct blackening can be accomplished after cleaning and acid dipping. With lower copper contents in the alloy, an activating treatment must be given prior to blackening.

Bright Finishes: Both bright and satin finishes can be obtained with Ebonol® 'C'. For bright finishes, the work is first buffed to a good luster. It is then cleaned, blackened, rinsed and dried. The highest luster and the deepest black is obtained by coating the untouched Ebonol® 'C' surface with a high-bodied clear baking enamel. Beautiful glossy, jet black surfaces are produced in this manner. Less glossy but attractive surfaces can be produced by wiping the Ebonol® 'C' with an oiled cloth or tumbling in an oiled material, such as sawdust, leather meal, cork or wooden pegs.

Paint Bases: Ebonol® 'C' offers an excellent bases for organic finishing, such a painting, lacquering or enamelling. The process produces thousands of jet black cupric oxide needles per square inch. Once these needles become imbedded in the organic coating and the coating sets, adhesion is tight and long-lasting. Also, the cupric oxide inhibits reaction between the base metal and the organic coating.

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